Of late I have discovered that I love playing any kind of game. Some time back, I would swear by the action and shooting games, and no game was game if it didn’t have some kind of action in it. But I find my taste for different genre expanding. Am I getting old?  What the heck, age is just a state of mind.

I ordered a Dyad online sometime back, and I have been meaning to play it. But my other games always win in the pick-me contest and Dyad has been sad and lonely, sitting on my shelf, patiently waiting for me to pick it up. Sunday afternoons are lazy, and I generally catch up on some sleep on Sundays, but last Sunday I picked Dyad up and fired up my PS3 for a hardcore chase.

What stumped me at first sight was the festival of colors in the game. Dyad since its release this year has earned a reputation for being a transcendental play of colors and sounds, and these senses grappled me when I first fired up the game. Racing through endless tunnels and vistas, I was dimly aware of my fingers maneuvering me through the light points and flashes of laser and neon played havoc with my senses.

The game began with me playing on one button, and as I reached different levels the complexity added up. But it was never hard to follow of course. What elevates Dyad from being a mere racing game is that there are stages in which you deal with your enemies too, hooking or grazing them. You always know what to do as you build on the difficulty level and the rules always build up as you swish thorough the levels.

Dyad left me with a lot on my mind, and to refresh I am going to play some casino flash games online, when I am in the mood for something slower. (Did I mention online casino games are my second love?)

Once I have recovered from the carnival of lights and sounds, I will also be awaiting the release of LittleBigPlanet Karting!