This weekend Commander Sheppard returned with his army to restore order in the galaxy. This time the Reapers are causing havoc and the protagonist with his proven commitment to the order of the galaxy has come to rescue.

For a change, this weekend I was ready to go out and grab a beer or two with the guys. Nick from work was also supposed to join us; going for a drink after work has been long overdue, and this weekend we all planned to go for the elusive beer.

When we arrived at the local watering hole, it was closed. At 7 in the evening, the blasted thing was closed! We stood there like a bunch of fools for a while, deciding where to go, and then we all agreed that moving the party back to my apartment would be the best thing.

Commander Sheppard went about disciplining the truant Reapers, Krogans, Salarians and many more of the inter-galactic enemies who all come at Sheppard. He has to weave his way through the maze and he does it oh-so-perfectly!

Mass Effect 3 I must say far surpasses games like Diablo III and Metal Gear Solid: Rising in the technicalities. The anticipation it builds up and the excitement is hard to contain when you play this game. This game also brings to a completion the trilogy of the Mass Effect saga, and the first two games now have become great contributors to take the story forward. Very successfully the story is brought to its fitting end.

This game was easy to follow, and though none of the guys are as big enthusiasts as I am, the Saturday evening went down well. We raided my fridge again, and in the morning there were beer bottles and cans lying all over the place and some great guy-bonding memories!